Monday, March 16, 2009

An ode to all things green...

In honour of St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd do a posting to honour the colour GREEN!!!  I've assembled some pics of my favourite green things.  My apologies in advance that many, if not all, of these things are plants, they're just so pretty.

I love mint.  It is one of my top favourite flavours and smells!  In particular, I cannot live without my peppermint tea (with honey) or my organic peppermint hand lotion.

There's no shade of green quite as beautiful to me as this mossy green of the forests here in B.C.  It is the colour of peace and warm sunshine and cool rain and soft ground.

Green apple jelly bellys!  Yummmm.

Weeping willows.  So pretty.

My all-time favourite beverage... the mojito.  Nothing says summer and good times like an ice cold mojito!


Four leaf clovers.  
My Grandma Ann use to love searching them out in any patch of clover she could find.  She was really good at spotting them, too...  She would press them in a book and then tape them to a little piece of paper and tuck them pretty much everywhere.  Everytime I find one stashed away in a book or something that used to belong to her, I smile and think that she must be showering a little bit of good luck down on me.

And, finally, for it would not be a St. Patrick's Day posting without it...

Which, for today only, is green.

Hope everyone has a jolly Irish time!

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