Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things I am excited about this week

1. The new iPhone update.  I'm a total dork, I know, but it's just so cool what my phone can doooo!!!

2.  My new yellow nail polish.  :)

3. The Alice in Wonderland festival!  A bunch of us from work are dressing up and attending the Mad Hatter Tea Party next week for an afternoon of croquet and silliness!  Expect pictures.  This really is an Alice summer for me.

4. New fabrics.  I heart them.  Can't wait to make hair bows and pretty things with them!

5. Having the apartment to myself for five weeks.  I love my sister, but I also love my alone time and it will be nice to live alone for a while Kristyn is in Victoria on a french language program.  The place is cleaner than it has ever been now... :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a fabulous July 1st and/or July 4th!
Love Karly

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  1. Hey I don't make the house dirty by myself!