Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Writing exercise

I saw this photo on Flickr...

A girl in nothing but thin cotton boycut underwear lies facedown upon her naked lover's back. Her long, wavy dark hair obscures their faces, but everything in the touch of their skin and the placement of their bodies says "this is home."
Says "for the moment, nothing exists but us."

Says "my whole world is the smell of your skin, the warmth of your body, the rise and fall of your breath. The coolness of your sheets. The way my breasts press against your back and how I fight the spaces left between us, trying to bring us even closer."
The colours cool and bright with the morning light behind the curtain. The sound of the rest of the world awakening as they hold on to the night, fighting against the need to get up. The sound of a lawnmower and the number seven bus. The newspaper on the landlord's porch. The coffee waiting to be made. All this, on hold.
And she thinks... "if only this moment could last forever. I could be happy if this were my forever."
The beauty of their moment is overwhelming.


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