Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things I am excited about this week...

So it's raining. No big surprise for Vancouver, but it's making me realize that I can't pretend it's summer anymore. That and the dismal balance in my bank account are really starting to bring the stress of finding my next job on my shoulders. I know working in film is always going to be like this, even the greatest jobs usually don't last more than a few months, and I am just getting started so big breaks between jobs is probably to be expected but... it's starting to stress me out! So I really need to write this list this week to remind me of all the fun things I have to look forward to!

1. The RVA Autumn Craft Class starts on Sept 15th! I cannot wait, I am so excited to get to know other girls who do the sorts of crafty things that I do, because I really don't know anyone here in Vancouver that does...

2. A new scarf I'm working on. I figured since I'm spending so much time just sitting around watching TV, I might as well do something useful and knit while I do it. So I'm working off a pattern I've never made before, trying to up my skills from just casting on, knitting, and purling. This one is from the Stitch'n'Bitch book and has a little keyhole for pulling the other end through... I'm about half done, I'll post pictures when it's finished!

3. Choir starts next week too! Very excited to rejoin this group, it's always fun and a very big mood booster.

4. Halloween. I know it's not for nearly two months, but it is my absolute favourite holiday (yes, I even love it more than Christmas) and it's the one thing that keeps me from getting super bummed out that summer really is over and winter is on its way. I'm starting to brainstorm costumes, I want to do something a bit more creative this year that requires a bit more making on my behalf than just assembling pieces. I'm thinking something from a children's story... Peter Pan, Where the Wild Things Are, The Paperbag Princess.... any ideas?

Something adorable this way comes!

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