Friday, February 12, 2010

ramping up...

I've decided to try and do a daily picture post for the duration of the games from my iPhone. You get yesterday's this morning, written on the seabus as I head back on up to cypress. "But," you say, "I thought you were working the opening ceremonies!" So did I, my friend, so did I. But alas, last minute changes are a near certainty with such a large event, so I have to just smile & hope I'm back down the mountain in times to catch some of the festivities on tv.

This picture was taken during the training session for women's moguls last night. The course was all lit up, the cameras were out testing their gear, and the athletes were having a go at the course. It was a pretty cool thing to watch, can't wait to see them fly down the run when it really matters!

Happy opening ceremonies, everyone! Let the games begin!


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