Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy happy earth day!

Topping my list of exciting things today: my city just announced that they will now be accepting food waste! This is very exciting, as it means greatly cutting down on the amount of garbage we produce. Even more exciting? While they will currently be collecting yard and food waste every two weeks and garbage every week, the overall goal is to reverse that... that means HALF as much garbage and TWICE as much compost as a city! Feels like we've been waiting forever for this!

If you live in Vancouver, read more about it here. If not, I urge you to write a letter to your city encouraging to follow the lead of my cities and many others and work towards implementing similar programs.

I've scouted out a few other handy tidbits in honour of the most eco-conscious day of the year: check here for a handy tipsheet on how to reduce the amount of food you waste by just learning how to store it properly; some easy ways to go green at work; and... well, let me just send you directly to the David Suzuki Foundation, there is a wealth of info and very useful, easy, and realistic tips on how to be healthier and live healthier.

all my love to our colourful planet!

xo Karly

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