Monday, February 27, 2012

Waiting for Spring

The light is changing. The days are getting longer. In the morning, I hear birds outside my window and see the light filter in through my blinds. When I open the door to let the cat out, there is a new smell in the air. The smell of spring.

It feels like things should be getting better. And maybe they are, I don’t know. Maybe I am just so caught up in the way things are now, this exact moment, that I don’t notice the incremental changes that happen day by day. I expect change in great shattering moments, when the earth moves beneath my feet and I find myself standing somewhere new quite suddenly, because that is the way bad news comes. Suddenly rushing in from nowhere and filling up every space in your heart and mind so that in moments you cannot remember what life was like before.

But maybe not all change happens this way. Maybe some of it is slower, steadier. The world shifting around you in such small increments that you hardly notice. Until one morning you wake up and hear the birds singing and see the sunshine streaming in and you think to yourself “oh… it’s spring. When did that happen?”

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