Friday, May 15, 2009

Things I am (kind of) embarrassed about being addicted to...

  • Cigarettes.  Obvs.  They are disgusting.  They are expensive.  They are unhealthy.  And yet... I still smoke them.  Sigh.
  • Mint Chapstick.  User since 1995.  I am never without it.
  • My teddy bear Timothy.  He's only about 5 years old, but looks like I've been carting him around for the full 25 years of my existence.  I have spent the last 5 years blatantly ignoring people who tell me someone in their 20s shouldn't have a teddy bear.  He is my favourite (inanimate) thing in the whole world!
  • Texts from Last Night.  Quite possibly the funniest website I have ever seen in my life.
  • My "song of the moment."  It changes on a regular basis, but there's usually one song that I addicted to at any given moment.  I am also susceptible to the 14 year old girl behaviour of listening to that song on repeat for days until I get sick of it.  The song of the moment is Land of Talk's "It's Okay."  I'm listening to it right now.
  • I Can Haz Cheezburger?  Seriously.  It's embarrassing.

And oh are there others....  
What's one of your embarrassing addictions?


  1. 1. wu-tang clan. although, i'm pretty proud of this, they rule.
    2. the movie grandma's boy. what a shitty movie, can't get enough.
    3. samosas. there is a store by my house where you can buy 3 for 2 bucks. i usually eat 6 at a time, gross.
    4. pizza. "all you need is pizza and a banana and you'll be fine."
    5. the song popcorn.

    annd one more, hmm.

    6. yeah, i have a stuffed bear too. had him since i was born. he is blue and his name is bluey. also had a white bear named whitey. my sister had a pink bear named pinky. seriously, the beckwiths are original. goes well with my guinea pig named softy.

  2. I thought of one more.

    7. Cheesy dance music. What can I say, I like to dance.

  3. - Pauly Shore movies
    - My Homie collection
    - My two pairs of Crocs and one pair of Uggs