Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I am excited about this week...

1. This bracelet I bought while outlet shopping yesterday... It's Kate Spade. It's the first designer thing I have ever owned or purchased. It's got a name... it's called "a place in the sun" (it's engraved on the inside). Does it ruin it if I admit that it was on sale for $20?

2. The Weekend to End Breast Cancer walk this weekend. I think I haven't really processed the fact that I have to walk 60 kms in two days. I mean, that's A LOT. But I picked up our team t-shirts today, and that's got me excited!

3. This photo of my friend Arielle in her wedding dress. I hope she won't get mad at me for posting it since you can't see any detail. But I seriously can't wait to start doing all sorts of wedding-y things! Now if only they would pick a date...

4. I am. In love. With this. Lip balm.

I'm off for lunch and pedicures (my second ever) with my friend Christine! The perfect thing for a rainy summer afternoon...

Love Karly

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