Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a completed project

This is the first RVA craft class project I can post because it's the first I've made that isn't a gift! I thought this one (soft bling chain necklace) would be really easy for me because I got started crafting by making jewelry, and I made almost all my Christmas gifts this past year and they were all jewelry (mostly necklaces and some earrings). So I was surprised it was so hard for me to put this together! To start off with, I had a lot less chain than I thought I did so I couldn't make it multi-stranded like I had imagined. I also didn't have many other materials left, so I wound up having to leave it pretty simple. The chain and the hoop were purchased (leftover from gift making), and the rest (the ribbon, the charm, and the bead) were all inherited from the store I used to work at (the manager let me take all the jewelry, beads, and buttons that were collected from broken stock that couldn't be put back together... the ribbons were used to attach manufacturer tags to garments, but we just cut them off. I couldn't let my manager throw them out so I adopted all these small pieces of ribbon... perfect for this project!). Anyways, this was the end result.
Please disregard all the fluff on my black shirt in that photo! I spent all day embroidering felt and I guess I got a little fuzzy :).

I think that's all my crafting for today! I did manage to (mostly) finish the project I mentioned in my last post, I will post pics as soon as it is gifted to the lovely person it is going to!


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