Thursday, September 24, 2009

to do list...

I need printer ink! Oh man, there are numerous projects for the RVA craft class that I was sitting down to do, two of which require using my printer, when it up and ran out of magenta ink on me. I hate how my printer won't print black and white if colours are running out! It's super annoying. So now I have to add "pick up printer ink" to my list of things to do today, which includes: go to Dressew, stop by the art store, pick up behind the scenes footage from the editor and bring it to a TV interview I've set up with FCS's (False Creek Stories) writers/director to be used as B-roll for the interview, supervise the interview, go to the gym, do laundry, go grocery shopping, spend an hour or so writing, and MAKE CRAFTS! In particular, I am so excited to make this plushie!
(Made by Rachel from RVA)
I have this pink flowered flannel that I've been dying to use for something soft and snugglie, and this is perrrfect! Isn't he adorable?

How will I ever do it all in a day? Answer: I probably won't. My to do list will carry on into tomorrow.

At least it's another lovely day in Vancouver to be doing all that running around! The weather has been so nice this week, summer is really holding on. I'm not looking forward to the onslaught of the rain! I wish it could be sunny forever... but then I suppose it wouldn't always be this green and pretty.
By the way, I must add "take lots of pictures" soon, I need more pretty things to share up here! I want to take pics of a bunch of the stuff I've made because I realize I gave most of it away as gifts and photographed it. I must get better at that and play catch up now that I have a decent camera!

xo Karly

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