Sunday, October 18, 2009

happy sunday

hello everyone. it's sunday again. I am on the couch recovering from all the birthday dancing last night, but I wanted to share a few things I am excited about.

1. Elsie's pink post. Cancer awareness is a cause very close to my heart, and I always love her little doses of lovely cuteness. Check it out!

2. I have been making lots of cute things lately with the help of this wonderful new item to grace my home! So in love.
I've named her Ann, in honour of the grandmother I inherited her from. She's older than me (but only by a couple of years), and everyone knows how much I love old things, especially when they are a little piece of my family's history! I am very happy to be learning to sew on something that came from one of the women in my family. Which brings me to my next item to share...

3. I made a bunch of hair bows out of vintage fabrics yesterday with Ann's help! When I finally gather the courage to enter a craft fair, these cuties will definitely be on my table! Not the greatest pics, I know, but I suffer a lack of both decent lighting in/around my home and a lack of friends who like to model things for me.

4. Matina is slowly editing the pics from our pumpkin patch photo shoot. It's going kind of slowly because they are on my computer and, well, she doesn't live with me. But here are a few she's had time to play around with. This first one would be my album cover in my alternate life as an indie folk singer in a parallel universe (one in which I was born with muscial talent).

5. I finished knitting a winter scarf, to be gifted to someone for Christmas! Haven't decided who yet. Upon completing it, I promptly began crocheting a granny square scarf, but this one's for me!

Enjoy your sunday evening blog world! I have lovely plans to start watching the Planet Earth/Blue Planet DVD box set my friend Dylan lent me and eat soup. Mmmm...

xoxo k

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