Thursday, October 1, 2009

new links and October LOVE

Apparently some of the videos in my "20 questions" post aren't showing up, so I'm providing the links below.

Question 3: What do I miss? Working on this!
Question 18: What gives me goosebumps? This trailer! (it's new one I didn't see until a few days ago)

Happy October! I am getting SO excited for Halloween, and really loving fall. These things make me happy...

Rachel's beautiful crocheted fall garland. I'm very excited to learn to crochet, our next project for the RVA class is a crocheted purse. Can't wait to get started!

These are from one of the girls in my class. Love them!

This skirt is just TOO awesome. I want it just to wear to go see the movie! Ha ha, if I could afford the $290 USD price tag...

Corn mazes! The image above is of a local corn maze (in Cloverdale), the design is to commemorate the 2009 world Police and Firefighter Games, which Vancouver hosted this summer (very amusingly the same week as gay pride). I can't wait to go wander around and take pictures!

Aaaaand PUMPKINS! One of my FAVOURITE fall traditions, which I usually wind up doing all by myself, is to carve a pumpkin with something of my own design (my best was a Marilyn Monroe pumpkin based on Andy Warhol's famous prints... unfortunately from the days when I didn't have a digital camera), then roast the seeds (yummm) and make soup with the pumpkin chunks. I like to use EVERYTHING! I think I'll manage to get a friend to join me this year, and for a design, I'm thinking something based on this guy's face....
And maybe I'll make a little Max design for my friend to carve.

What are you going to carve this year?

Love k

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  1. you worked on that trailer for Alice, cause that looks so awesome! I love the SyFy channel and I haven't seen that trailer for WTWTA yet!! Love it! I don't know anyone around here that will see it will me, might have to go by myself, but it looks amazing.
    I can't wait to go and shop for pumpkins this week, there are some white ones I saw at the grocery store that I love!!
    Have a great day!!