Friday, October 2, 2009

True loves...

"I love her, and true love lasts a lifetime."
-Emma Thompson's character in Love, Actually, in reference to Joni Mitchell.

For me, these bands/musicians are true love and will last my lifetime.

1. The Beatles. I was raised on the fab four and my love of them runs deep. They are like part of the family. And everytime I think I'm "outgrowing" their music, I rediscover something new and beautiful (early on, I was a HUGE fan of their early stuff, now it's the later years that get constant replay on my iPod).

2. Van Morrison. What can I say? He makes me happy. I want his music playing at both my wedding and my funeral... The man could be the soundtrack to my life all on his own.

3. Janis Joplin. Brief though her life was, she really pushed the envelope as far as female vocalists are concerned. Plus, I love her style.

4. Billie Holiday. Sad, beautiful, sassy... no other female vocalist compares.

5. Leonard Cohen. First I loved him for his poetry, now I love him for his grace, perseverance, and ability to capture some essential essence of manhood previously untapped (let me just say that I never understood my Dad so much as when we bonded over Leonard Cohen). He's a great Canadian icon.

6. No Doubt. They were my first concert at the tender age of 13, and you never forget your first... For me, they are iconic of my teenage years and the first musical statement I made about who I am. Tragic Kingdom will probably always be one of my favourite albums.

7. Broken Social Scene. I discovered them by accident at around 22 (they had already been around for ages by then), and they were my first step into the world of amazing independent music I now inhabit. They greatly expanded my horizons and were instrumental in helping me define my musical taste. They always, always have a place on every playlist I make: mellow, upbeat, to workout to, to study to, to drive to, to play at parties... you name it, they're on it. It's been four years, I think it's safe to say they are going to stick around.

8. Neil Young. Soulful. And my dad used to book his band to play dances at the community center when they were both in high school, which is just too cool.

9. Eric Clapton. The man's just brilliant.

I wanted to make the list an even 10, but I couldn't find one more band to add... I debated the Police, the Shins, the Weakerthans, Nirvana... but no one quite as iconic and long-lasting to me as the first 9, so I think it's best I let it be with these amazing musicians.

True love really does last a lifetime...


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  1. That's SOOOO rad about your dad! Man! Neil Young! Sooo rad!!