Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pretty creepy things

Halloween is drawing near, and I am feeling spooooky! And inspired...

These are adorable. This girl's Etsy shop is too cute!

CUTE! by kukubee

Love these sooo much! Find them here.

I want these wine bottle labels, they are too funny! (they say Rat Poison, Red Blood, Zombie Virus, and Spider Venom) She has beautiful Halloween decorations.
And this is one of my pumpkin carving designs I am SOOO eager to do! It will look better on a pumpkin, I promise!

Tomorrow night my friends and I are getting dolled up in our monster horns and going to see a midnight screening of Where the Wild Things Are! Stay tuned for fun pics!

What's inspiring you today?

Love Karly

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  1. Your blog action day post.
    So great.
    I love you. Muchly!