Thursday, October 22, 2009

things that make my heart glad

I've been a little down lately, what with being unemployed and not having much to do all day but twiddle my thumbs and ponder life and death. That'll happen, I guess.

So I thought, what better time to take stock and think about what makes me happy right now?

1. These colours all around! We had such gorgeous weather the first few weeks of October, that now that it's gotten a little drizzly, I keep forgetting that fall is still in its full, beautiful swing! It won't be much longer that my street will be bright and colourful like this. (My apologies, just snapped a few pics with my iPhone so they're not spectacular!)

2. The smell of freshly baked bread. I decided to attempt to make spelt bread in our bread maker yesterday (which I have never had any luck with before), and I put it in and promptly forgot about it. I ran out to the art store and the fabric store on an errand (new canvases!!! more felt!!!), and came home to a house that smelt AMAZING, and bread that was ready to be eaten in twenty minutes. A delicious surprise to thank my poor memory for, ha ha. And the bread turned out great!

3. Dance parties with my girl friends. Tonight the Crystal Castles duo is playing a dj set at a local nightclub! Can't wait to dance the night away!

4. Halloween candy. I couldn't resist, a bought a bunch when I was at the grocery store on Monday. I can't help it, mini portions of things are just so cute!

5. The fact that Halloween is only nine days away! Eeeep! :)

Here's a little video love to leave you with!

love k

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