Tuesday, January 26, 2010

two and a half years in photobooth...

So, many of my internet acquaintances may have noticed that my hairstyle changes quite frequently. It's true! I like to change it completely every six months or so.

So I thought it might be fun to post some silly photobooth pictures from the time when I got my mac (September 2007) to now. I'm sure most of us with macs take a bazillion of these silly little photos, so I challenge any of you out there with a mac and a blog to post a year or two in photos... just to see how you might of changed! And yes, a lot of these pictures are kind of unflattering. It's part of the beauty of photobooth!

Here's my two and a half.

And me now!

xo Karly

PS I'd love to hear if anyone has favourites!


  1. I really like picture number 4 and the one outside on the patio!

  2. I like the one now!!!!! but youre always great.... :)