Tuesday, February 2, 2010

around town in vancouver 2010

olympics countdown: 10 days!

i brought my holga downtown on sunday, very excited to take pictures of all the cool art exhibits down granville street. what i should've done is looked over how to load film into my camera before leaving, but alas i did not and i guess it's been long enough since i used a film camera that i forgot how to open the back to load the film. oops.

i was very sad not to be able to take pictures with my new camera (and yes i got it open as soon as i got home and read the instructions), but i decided not to waste the day and tried instead to enjoy the imperfect pictures of the only other photo-taking device i had on hand... my iphone. the advantage to that being that i can upload my pictures to share with you all right away!

so here is granville street in all its 2010 glory.

(i love how it looks like there are people inside)

:) karly

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