Thursday, February 25, 2010

oh wonder of wonders...

You may have noticed the lack of picture post from yesterday. My apologies. I appear to be suffering from a tad bit of Olympics burn-out. Three weeks is a long time to have every aspect of your life consumed by anything, and the Olympics are no exception. I miss my family. I miss my sewing machine! But the end is in sight. I only have two more shifts at work, and there are only four more days of this Olympics insanity left! Hurrah!

I am very much looking forward to:
  • making paper art
  • sewing - some cute tutorials have popped up on my google reader for things I've always wanted to make (totes, elastic waisted skirts, aprons) and I have some great fabrics I've been dying to create with
  • continuing to update our house decor for spring (my fave colours this year? woodgrain/kraft, white, pink, and spring green)
  • preparing for the kitten arrival! Due to the fact that I am adopting, I am not 100% sure when I will be able to bring a little bundle of furry joy home, but the kitten prep begins this weekend and I could have a darling to share my life as soon as a week and a half from now! I am breathless with excitement.
The wonder of two short evening shifts in a row is that I had this morning to relax and return to normalcy a bit. So what did I do? I baked (cookies and biscuits), I wrote, and I blogged!

Oh but that these wondrous days of short work shifts would continue...

snickerdoodle anyone?

love karly

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