Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It is fashionable to be single in big cities, but not in small towns...

Just heard that in a song on CBC Radio 3.  Good thing I live in a big city.

So I'm starting to feel like my blog could be titled "I like to make lists," but here's another.  This one was a product of a very boring day at work yesterday.

10 things I would miss about being single:
  1. Not having to compromise on my choice of food, music, or films.
  2. Not having to deal with a GRUMPY boy! (why are boys so grumpy?)
  3. Not having to drive someone around, or wait to be picked up.
  5. Being able to hang out with my guy friends all I want.
  6. Doing WHATEVER I want in the evenings.
  7. Wearing whatever I want and not worrying what ANYONE thinks of it!
  8. Flirting with *cute strangers*.
  9. Not feeling guilty about being lazy (another glass of wine and another episode of sex and the city while munching on chocolate cake in my sweats?  why, yes please!).
  10. Knowing WHO I am and WHAT I want.

Lots of love for now!



  1. How I love theeeee and this blog! xo

  2. Why would you ever give any of these things up?!? -Kristyn