Monday, October 5, 2009

another project: completed!

Finally... after many hours of watching online tutorials... many hours (several days, actually) of practice... a few "learning" squares... I achieved granny square perfection (or, at least, something close enough to it that I could finally progress to turning them into something else)!

So, this morning, instead of going to the gym and getting outside, I spent the morning completed my next RVA Craft Class project: the Granny Square Clutch in perfect fall colours!
I'm only mildly pleased with the final result, it still looks a little wonky to me. Also, next time, I would use a different method for joining the squares, as the method I used added a lot on every side of the squares that I attached and, as a result, my felt inner is a little small for the clutch (because I cut it to size before joining the sides).

Next up: to paint these pretty thrifted teacups!

I've got an idea for something inspired by Love, Actually.... (and yes, it is one of my favourite movies!).

More pretty things to share soon, I'm sure!

love k


  1. totally, totally cute! you did a fab job.

  2. Oh I love it! Your colors are awesome! I'm going to make mine tonight!