Tuesday, October 6, 2009

planning a Thanksgiving meal

Today, I am planning our Thanksgiving meal for this weekend. For any of my American readers out there, this Monday is the Canadian Thanksgiving, and this year the task falls to me to get the meal prepared!
Not my table, but doesn't it look great? Image found here.

My family usually has slightly unusual holiday meals, as both me and my sister are vegetarians. I remember one Thanksgiving where my sister made an amazingly delicious Greek meal, and a few years ago I did an enormously ambitious South American (or what I thought to be South American) Christmas feast for seven. When it's up to our parents, our meals are usually either traditional Ukrainian (my Dad makes amazing perogies, and my Mom's veggie cabbage rolls are to die for), or full Mexican (Mexican rice, enchiladas, chili rellenos...).

It falls to me to organize the menu this year, as my Mom will be out of town for most of the weekend and my Dad's undergoing treatments which make him a little under the weather. Since my Dad loves traditional feasts so much, we're going to do traditional the way our family does it just for him:
  • salad with mandarins and toasted nuts (my Mom's traditional holiday salad)
  • roasted yams with rosemary
  • brown butter mashed potatoes (a recipe I got last year from CBC's The Vinyl Cafe, it's absolutely amazing)
  • spelt bread stuffing (cooked in the oven, not in a bird!)
  • veggie gravy (my Mom's recipe)
  • Tofurkey (it's actually surprisingly good!)
  • a small turkey option for Mom and Dad
  • cranberry sauce
  • homemade apple pie
  • homemade pumpkin pie (we couldn't decide on a pie so I'm making both! Yay!)
I'll be sharing the delicious Vinyl Cafe Brown Butter potatoes recipe after our Thanksgiving (it's also great at Christmas time) because I want to take pictures before I give it to all of you so you can see just how delicious they are! Mmm... Here's a few more fun Thanksgiving images!

(It wouldn't be a holiday without Charlie Brown!)

(Too cute.)

Image here.

What are your favourite Thanksgiving dishes?

xoxo karly


  1. Yummy, Happy Thanksgiving and can't wait to see everything. Will you take a pic of your tofurkey for me? I am not a huge fan of turkey, so think it would be cool to have that. Do you buy it or make it?

  2. We buy the Tofurkey, it's a brand name. It's actually pretty good, especially if you make your own stuffing and have it with veggie gravy yum.... It doesn't look like much, more like a roll.